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Rules Regarding the Use of Calculators in the State Examinations – circular S93-05

List of Permitted and Prohibited Calculators for the State Examinations – May 2012

Suitable calculators for State examsinclude:

Casio Fx83gt Plus Scientific Calculator                Sharp Scientific Calculator El-W531b
 ISBN 4971850185093                                                        ISBN 4974019025940

Manual for fx-83_85GT_PLUS_E

To set Casio 83 calculator to calculate the sin of an angle in degrees.

1.Set the correct angle unit required by your problem: degrees, radians, or grads. [SHIFT][MODE] [3:deg] or [4:Rad]

2. Press the key for the function COS, SIN, or TAN
[Sin] displays sin(

3.Enter the angle 30 deg Screen shows sin(30
Close the right parenthesis ) Screen shows sin(30)
4.Press [=] Screen displays 0.5

Here is a description by the Open University of how to use a scientific calculator using Casio FX83 as an example.

In 2019 the Casio fx-83 Plus was upgraded to the fx-83GTX with


  • New high resolution screen (easier to read)
  • New menu & display system (easier to access functions)
  • Results easier / quicker to view with scrolling screen
  • Improved statistics, tables & ratio functions


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