Maths Exam Papers

It is strongly recommend that all students preparing for Leaving Certificate or Junior Certificate exams practise past papers and acquaint themselves with course marking schemes.

These are available free of charge for all Junior Cert and Leaving Cert subjects here

Leaving Cert Higher Level

Project Maths Phase 2 P1 2013 sample paper

Project Maths Phase 2 P2 2013 sample paper

LC Higher Level paper1 2012

LC Higher Level paper2 2012

LC Higher Level paper 1, 2011

LC Honours Level paper 2, 2011

LC Higher Level Paper1 2010

LC Higher Level paper2 2010

LC Higher Level paper1 2009

LC Higher Level paper2 2009

Leaving Cert Ordinary Level

Project Maths Phase 2  P1 2013 sample paper

Project Maths Phase 2 P2 2013 sample paper

LC Ordinary Level paper1 2012

LC Ordinary paper2 2012

LC Ordinary Level paper1 2011

LC Ordinary Level Paper2 2011

LC Ordinary Level paper1 2010

LC Ordinary Level paper2 2010

LC Ordinary pape 1 2009

LC 0rdinary Paper 2 2009

Junior Cert Higher Level

Project_Maths_Phase1_P2_2013 sample paper

See below for correction to 2013 sample paper.

JC Higher Level paper1 2012

JC Higher Level paper2 2012

JC Honours Level paper 1, 2011

JC Higher Level paper 2, 2011

JC Higher Level paper1 2010

JC Higher Level paper2 2010

JC Higher Level paper1 2009

JC Higher Level paper2 2009

Junior Cert Ordinary Level

Project_Maths_Phase1_P2_2013 sample paper

JC Ordinary Level paper1 2012

JC Ordinary Level paper2 2012

JC Ordinary Level paper1 2011.pdf

JC Ordinary Level paper2 2011

JC Ordinary Level paper1 2010

JC Ordinary Level paper2 2010

JC Ordinary Level paper1 2009

JC Ordinary Level paper2 2009