Applied Maths syllabus overview

Note: The details below apply to the Leaving Cert Applied Maths course to be examined up to June 2022.  For those starting the course in 2022 or later and for exams from June 2023 onwards there is a new specification for the course.

These study notes cover the Applied Maths syllabus, offering an overview of each major topic, its significance and a summary of the key ‘must know’ information. They are designed to aid your revision and help you identify any information gaps.
Uniform Linear Acceleration This topic is about particles which move in a straight line and accelerate uniformly.
Relative Velocity This topic involves looking at the world from a different perspective.
Projectiles This topic is about objects which travel through the air under gravity.
Connected Particles; pulleys and wedges This topic is about objects which are connected by strings, or which travel across surfaces (both smooth and rough). It also involves wedges.
Impacts and Collisions This topic is about spheres which collide with a barrier (impacts) or which collide with another sphere (collisions).
Circular Motion and Simple Harmonic Motion This question is about two related topics: Circular motion and simple harmonic motion (SHM).
Statics This topic is about is objects which stay where they are.
Moments of Inertia This is a topic about objects which spin about an axis (like the blade of a helicopter).
Hydrostatics This question is about objects in liquids.
Differential Equations This is the most mathematical of the topics You must be reasonably good at integration.