Time Tables & Syllabus

For reasons of candidate wellbeing, the 2019 Leaving Certificate written examination timetable was extended beyond the traditional 13 day window. The new extended timetable over 15 days has been designed to alleviate pressure on candidates by eliminating subject clashes as much as possible. There has been a very a particular focus on ensuring that there is only a minimal chance that a candidate will have to take three examinations on one day. However, not all clashes have been eliminated and there is still a possibility that some candidates, because of their particular subject choices, may have to sit three examinations in one day in 2019 or in a future year.

In 2020 the Leaving Certificate examinations are scheduled to take place over the extended 15 day period, commencing on 3th June and concluding on the 23th June.

In 2020 the Junior Certificate examination time table has changed quite a bit with new subjects and assessments to be covered.

Note that there is a change to the Junior Cycle timetable which was published on the official SEC website from December 20th 2019 to January 15th 2020. The change relates to the examinations scheduled on 12th June, Materials Technology (Wood) has been switched to the morning, while German will take place in the afternoon.

So the message is time tables can change in the normal course of events. But add to this the uncertainty over the corona virus and anything could potentially happen. So to avoid leading anyone astray I have removed my copies of the time tables and simply provide the this link to the only reliable source for up to date information on time tables.