skrbl now

skrbl basics
Use file menu – ’email invite’ to email an invite to your skrbl whiteboard, your guests get a link to click on, OR give your skrbl URL to your friends.
To write a note – just click on the blank screen and start typing.
To edit a note click on an existing note and edit.
To switch between drawing and text mode click on the Draw or Text button.
To upload a picture or a file use the File menu.
The file menu also shows you a list of pictures and files you already have online.
To manage your whiteboards, pictures or files, go to your ‘My skrbls’ page.
Click and drag to move a note around the skrbl board.Currently supported browsers IE 6, 7 & Firefox 2


Useful for marking up maps because can use google maps as the background.



http://www.twiddla.com is a no set set up meeting playground.

Twiddla is a real-time online collaboration tool. Its beauty is in its simplicity and accessibility: no plug-ins or downloads, no need to work around complex firewalls, no advanced scheduling. It’s available 24-7 and the only requirement is a computer with an internet connection and a web browser. It’s browser-agnostic, user friendly, and no sign up needed.

Just click link to load in browser.

Can embed some maths symbols etc.

Can have blank background or graph paper.


http://www.mathsisfun.com/geometry/drawing.html  Good for drawing shapes