Get a daily text message with facts from your course of study, direct to your mobile phone.

Texts stored on your phone can be reviewed at  any time that suits you. Its like having a deck of flash cards in your pocket, that you can pull out any time you like.

Take advantage of dead time to review your course material. For example, waiting for a bus, being driven to  school, waiting for friends to turn up or sitting in a doctor’s waiting room.

The first offering from TutorTXT covers Junior Cert science. Three months of texts cost just €18, less than half the price of a single grind.

The layout of the papers for Junior Cert Science are particularly suited to the the bite sized snippets of information contained in the daily text messages from TutorTXT.  All information sent is based on questions from past examination papers.

For further details:  Email  mymathsclass@gmail.com  or phone 085-1393768.