Summer Courses

Galway Maths Grinds facilitate one-to-one and small group classes throughout the summer. Courses are adapted to the specific needs of the students, and can range from a single once off session to help you with a particular problem to a weekly or daily session over a period to suit your schedule.


Subjects covered

  • Applied Maths
  • Maths
  • Junior Cert Science
  • Leaving Cert Physics
  • How to Study
  • Time Management
  • Preparing for College


Advantages of summer courses:

  • Avoid summer regression
  • Catch up if you have fallen behind the rest of your class for any reason
  • You might want to get as much work down as possible before the next school year so as to reduce pressure in an exam year.
  • Mature students returning to education can brush up on material they have never studied or have not studied for a long time and need to get up to speed before commencing a course in college or elsewhere.
  • Students studying a course on their own because it is not offered in their secondary school such as Leaving Certificate Applied Maths may need some guidance.
  • You are expected to study and learn a lot in school but does your school run sessions on how to study?
  • You can get help preparing for special maths exams in third level colleges for entry to engineering courses  if you did not get the required result in the Leaving Certificate maths exam.
  • Transition from second to third level can be stressful and not everyone does it successfully. There are practical steps you can take to make the transition less stressful, more enjoyable and productive.

Call Noel on 085-1393768 for details.

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