Leaving Cert Applied Maths Project Brief 2023

The brief for the first Applied Maths modelling project under the new syllabus has been posted on http://www.examinations.ie.

Complete a mathematical modelling project and report based on the following brief:
In many sporting events an object is projected with an initial speed and at an initial angle.
The object then travels in a curved path before it lands. The object may be kicked,
thrown, hit with a club/bat, or it may be that the projected object is the sportsperson
To maximise their chance of success, the sportsperson may consider the speed and angle
of the object’s projection, as well as the object’s interactions with any winds present
and/or with the air as the object moves through it.
Select one or more aspects of projectile motion in a sporting context. Model the problem(s) you have selected using the cycle described in The Modelling Cycle.

The full briefing document can be downloaded from here.

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