Leaving Cert Results Out Today – What Happens Next?

Exam ResultsAbout 60,000 Leaving Certificate students will receive results on line today, with the class of 2020 achieving record grades. Concerns that the calculated grades system would lead to grade inflation have in fact materialised, and this will no doubt feed into higher points requirements for entry to further education courses through the CAO system. The new calculated grading system, introduced due to Covid-19, shows an average increase of 4.4 per cent across all subjects. According to the the Department of Education the grades estimated by teachers were higher again before the calculated grades system brought them down.

Overall, 16.9 per cent of grades have been lowered from what had been given by teachers. H1 grades of 90 per cent and above are up 3.3 per cent at Higher Level and 1.7 per cent at Ordinary Level. In Maths there was a 2 per cent rise in H1 grades at higher level. In Maths and Irish, the numbers graded at Foundation level has roughly halved. In Art, Economics, Accounting, Business and Home Economics the share of H1s at Higher Level has at least doubled, while in Music, they rose from 4.3 per cent to 13.

From 9am today, students will have access to their grades via the Calculated Grades Student Portal.

The student portal will reopen on September 14th at 9am and will provide you with the subject percentage marks you were awarded by the calculated grades process. You may also access the estimated percentage marks which were provided by your schools.

Students who are unhappy with the Calculated Grades they receive in any subjects will have the opportunity to submit an appeal. The appeals process will open on September 14th at 9am and students will be able to access it via the Calculated Grades Student Portal. Students will have until 5pm on September 16th to submit an appeal.

CAO offers are due to be released on September 11, and points for many third-level courses are likely to rise due to higher grades being offered this year.

Leaving Cert 2020 candidates are receiving calculated grades today and, as a back-up, they may also sit written exams in November. They have an unprecedented opportunity to pick and choose and to give themselves the best chance possible in terms of outcomes as they get the better grade from either the Calculated Grade or the written exam grade.

The Department of Education has announced November 16 as the provisional date for the start of the exams postponed from June. It’s provisional because it depends on the public health advice at the time, and the plan is to hold the exams in the evenings and on weekends. There will be no fee.

Unfortunately the written exams come too late for entry to college this autumn. Considering the extent of the disruption to their education earlier this year, students will have to consider how motivated they are and how they would revise for the exams.

The exams will be written only and based on the normal question paper format. There will be no orals, which is an important consideration for language students who would have been relying on that element of the exam to boost their grade.

A FREE helpline will be available from today, provided by the National Parents Council Post-Primary for students, parents and guardians. It will be professionally staffed by members of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors, who will help callers with information on issues like the calculated grades appeals process, sitting exams in 2020, reviews and rechecks, CAO applications, non-CAO options and SUSI applications.

Call the IGC on 1800 265 165 for more information.

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