Leaving and Junior Cert oral and practical examinations cancelled

The 2020 Leaving Cert and Junior Cert oral and practical examinations have been cancelled on foot of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Minister for Education, Joe McHugh, said that all students who had been due to take those tests would be awarded full marks for that portion of the exam.

The cancelled exams include oral tests in Leaving Cert Irish, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Japanese.

Practical performance tests in Leaving Cert music have been cancelled also, together with practical performance tests in Junior Cert music and home economics.

The minister said he expects the main written exams to go ahead as normal in June despite the oral and practical State exams being cancelled.

Mr McHugh said “The last thing I wanted to do was put extra pressure on students when these exams were due to start next week. Students are under enough stress – they can now focus on the written aspect.”

Mr McHugh said he expects Covid-19 to peak in mid-April.

“We’re still focused on written exams going ahead. We don’t have a baseline in terms of certainty. Ideal scenario would be the virus to peak in mid-April, for students to come back after that. But it’s all based on hypothetical scenarios.”

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