Notice for existing Clients

Whether the exams go ahead as currently scheduled or closer towards the end of the summer remains to be seen, but students must prepare in any event. The situation with the Covid-19 virus is a fast evolving situation and the only reliable sources of information for time tables are the State Examinations Commission website and your school which should receive any updates. Do not depend on an old print out of a time table that may be subject to change.

Assume for now that the final written exams will start as scheduled on June 3rd.

See for Junior Cert exams

See for Leaving Cert exams.

Prepare an outline time table of how and when you will cover your remaining work and revision over the next 10 weeks. Also include time for exercise and relaxation activity.

Some students might like to download and print some blank-time-table-templates from .


use an online calender with email notifications as such as with google’s gmail and calender


simply use pen and paper freehand.

The purpose is not to have fancy looking time tables but to make sure you allocate time to do all the work you need to get covered. Not having school to go to means you have to have more self discipline and one approach would be to study according to your school weekly timetable up to this.

It is unfortunate that we have to suspend face to face classes until further notice, probably for the rest of this school year. But if we keep our heads, have a little patience and help one another out we will come through it.

I have compiled online resource packs that can be purchased from They contain easy access to past papers, marking schemes, syllabi, subject related booklets I have produced over the years and links to videos and further information by other providers that I think will be useful to you all in one place. Feel free to pass the link above to your friends and classmates who will be in the same boat.

I hope to offer some support via email, my website and Facebook posts on, and add updates to the resource packs as students highlight areas where they need further input and clarifications. If I get swamped with requests, priority will be given to students scheduled to do exams this coming June. If you have any suggestions on how we might offer better support to one another feel free to pass them on. While video conferencing might seem like a good idea I think we will encounter problems with poor speeds and connectivity, but we can see as we go along.

In some cases I have phone or email contact details for students or one or more of their parents or guardians or all of these. If you want to receive communications from me over the next few weeks can you send an email to with your full name, one email address and one mobile phone number to be the principle means of contacting you and sending you information. It is up to you whether it is the student’s or the parent’s information.

If you already use Facebook in a disciplined manner you might like to “like” to ensure you get any updates I send out. But if you are likely to waste a lot of time on it, or any other social media platform, then turn them off now.

Your school should also be trying to offer some support from a distance. If I am made aware of what they are offering hopefully I can compliment rather than duplicate their offering.

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