A way to remember Physics Formulae related to Electricity

Distance Sppeed Time

It is not uncommon for students to make use of triangles like those shown on the left to help remember or quickly solve formulae based on equations of the form A=B.C or B=A/C.

While these can be quite useful as memory joggers, it would probably be too cumbersome for most people to try this method for remembering a lot of different formulae.

The use of the first letter of each word in a sentence or phrase to help recall an ordered list of items is another well used method of aiding memory. Ring Out Your Great Bells In Victory can be used to recall that the colours of the rainbow, the spectrum of white light, in increasing order of frequency, are Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet.

The image below combines these two methods to help remember physics formulae relating to electricity.

Physics formulae - electricity

The top half is used to help explain the method implemented in the bottom half.

Step 1: draw five triangles laid out as shown.

Step 2: Add the letters




Step 3:  in three rows at the corners of the triangles. Make up a sentence to remember these letters in the given order. I have used

James Watt Can Justify

Clear Values And Serious Work

Acting Openly.

These stand for the units of measurement of different physical parameters as indicated in the bottom half of the image.





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