New Course Launched – Resources for Junior and Leaving Cert Maths Students

Resources for Maths Students

GMG has today launched its online mini-course “Resources for Junior and Leaving Cert Maths Students“.

The purpose of this course to gather together in a cost-effective manner a number of publications of Galway Maths Grinds that are of value to students, particularly those studying for either the Junior Certificate or Leaving Certificate Maths exams, and to add further value by providing links to a number of other useful resources, such as a facility to download and print off graph paper.

The GMG documents included are:

  • Making the most of your Scientific Calculator
  • Time Management for Students
  • Google Search for Students
  • Junior Certificate Geometry Theorems
  • Making the most of the Formulae and Tables Booklet
  • How to Study Maths

The advantages for students of the “course” format over getting individual PDF documents to download include:

  • A lower price, by almost 30%, for the bundle compared to getting the individual documents separately.
  • Can access on-line any time to either download or view online compared to having one time access only to allow download to your own device.
  • Will automatically have access to any further updates or additions to the course.
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