GMG launches Online Time Management Course

Personal Effectiveness is a measure of an individual’s overall ability to perform various tasks and activities in his or her educational and life endeavours. There are practical, straightforward skills and strategies needed to excel in the various realms in life. These personal effectiveness skills include amongst others; personal goal setting, time management, study skills, organization, problem solving, decision-making and efficient use of various tools and resources at ones’ disposal. The development of these skills allows individuals to become more capable, competent, and confident in themselves and their performance, and help them to be better able to reach the goals they set for themselves.

At Galway Maths Grinds we provide information and strategies to help individuals to make the most of their talents and abilities. Individuals can use these simple strategies and techniques to make the very most of their learning activities.

While you can not beat working one on one with an experienced mentor, we can only help a limited number of students in this manner. To cater for others we have a number of publications that can be purchased online and downloaded as PDF files.

Today we launch our Effective Time Management course which students can follow online at their own pace.

It launches at an introductory price of €23.37  until November 1st when it will revert to the normal price of €61.50.

If you are curious about the odd pricing, it is because we are using an American platform to host the course and it requires the course to be priced as a whole number of euro before VAT is added. VAT of 23% is then added because we are based in Ireland.  So the  €23.37  is made up of a pre VAT price of  €19 plus 23% VAT.



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