Making the most of your Casio Scientific Calculator

cover for calculator pdf

Apart from what is in your head the only resources you can bring into your Junior Cert and Leaving Cert exams are the Formulae and Tables booklet and your calculator.

Your calculator is an invaluable and even necessary tool when doing maths. As a student you need to become proficient in its use.

Reducing the time spent in entering calculations into your calculator means more time is available for actually answering questions in your exam. Entering them in an efficient manner also means less mental effort is required to combine various sub calculations correctly.

I have finally gotten around to producing the document on the use of the scientific calculator. The aim of this booklet is to help you to be more productive in your studies and more successful in your exams by pointing out ways in which to use your scientific calculator both efficiently and effectively, and to help you avoid pitfalls by pointing out its limitations.

This document uses the Casio fx-83GT PLUS or fx-85GT PLUS as an example because the vast majority of my students use these models.

To buy now click on the link.

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