Pre-Exam Checklist – What to Bring on the Day

pre-exam checklistDo not leave it until the last minute to get your equipment in order. Searching for
something at the last minute as you are about to leave home for the examination centre is
one sure way of getting panicked before your exam. Anything you might need and do not have, go out and get it this weekend.

The following checklist might be useful.

• Mathematical set – ruler, set-square, protractor, compass, pencils, pencil sharpener,
eraser. Have a pencil preloaded in your compass.

• A transparent ruler is best as it allows you to see all the points on a graph if you
have to draw a line of best fit.

• Pens (blue or black, but not red) for writing your answers.

• Pencils for drawing graphs. – Hard black (HB) pencils.
Bring spare pencils and pens. You do not want to be spending time sharpening
pencils if a point breaks or facing the situation where the ink runs dry on your only

• A permitted scientific calculator – make sure it is working and the battery is good.
Know how to use it for all the functions you might need to use.

• Bottle of water (optional).

• If you bring a snack make sure it is something that will not make your fingers messy
and cause your answer sheets to be messed up. Bring tissues to wipe your fingers
just in case.

• Consider ear plugs. You can be fully prepared yourself but someone sitting beside
you may cause distraction if they are fidgeting or coughing etc. If your concentration
is broken you may become distracted under exam pressure by things that normally
might not bother you. If you can foresee a likely problem, be prepared with a way to
counter it.

• Watch. Analogue type is better than the ones with a digital read out because less
likely to miscalculate your timings. You should be able to see a clock in the
examination hall but you can not guarantee that your view will not be blocked by a
supporting pillar or some other structure.

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