Google Translate another useful Study Tool

Google Translate is great for translating chunks of text. You can translate single words right from the search bar by typing “translate [word] into [language].” For instance, to translate “help” from English to Irish, type, “translate help into irish.” You can also translate simple sentences. For instance, “translate please help me with myhomework into irish,” will result in “le do thoil cabhrú liom le mo obair bhaile .”

google translate to Irish

If you have more extensive bits of text to translate type in “google translate” into the search bar first to get the following screen. Then enter your text, tick the boxes for the input and output languages and press translate. It may not be always perfectly correct  but very useful none the less to get the overall meaning of text in another language.  Below example is an extract from English to French.

google as study aid:  translate to french

Note that google does not care about upper or lower case letters so save yourself time by just using lower case when inputting search terms.

Over the summer holidays why not make life easier by learning to use technology to aid your studies?  To enquire about classes to help you do just that call Noel on 085-1393768 or email

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