Using Google Search as Simple Study Aids

google galway maths grinds

With just less than nine weeks to the start of the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert exams your study activities should be in top gear and your study area should be well organised. You do not want to be spending unnecessary time searching for materials or information. I have written before about the advantages and disadvantages of students being connected to the Internet for study purposes. Here are a couple of tips that might prove useful to many students over the next few weeks.


If for some reason your calculator is not to hand when you need to do some calculations just type “calculator” into Google’s search box and it will return an online calculator like that illustrated in the screenshot below.


Google calculator

If you need the definition of a word or a phrase just type in the word “define” followed by what you want the meaning of and it will usually return what you require much faster than it would take you searching through your text books. For example, if you were working on past maths exam papers and came across the term “reflex angle” and could not recall what it was just type “define relex angle” into the search box and you get back the information shown in the next screenshot.

Google search as dictionary

I often use the same procedure to double check the spelling of a word about which I am uncertain.

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