Microsoft Mathematics: a useful and free learning tool

Galway Maths Grinds are always looking for ways to bring extra value, service or convenience to our clients. Sometimes this can be best achieved by pointing you to someone else’s resources.

Microsoft Maths

Microsoft Mathematics (formerly Microsoft Math) is a freely downloadable educational program, designed for Microsoft Windows, that allows users to solve math and science problems. Developed and maintained by Microsoft, it is primarily targeted at students as a learning tool.

I have added a Microsoft Mathematics page under the Resources tab on the website. Here you can get a text description courtesy of Wikipedia, or a You Tube video description as well as a download link from the Microsoft site.

It is quite intuitive to use and looks good visually. It contains features that are designed to assist in solving mathematics, science, and tech-related problems, as well as to educate the user. The application features such tools as a graphing calculator and a unit converter. It also includes a triangle solver, and an equation solver that provides step-by-step solutions to each problem, a feature beneficial to students attempting to learn problem-solving skills.

The standalone version of Microsoft Math 3.0 also has support for calculus and Ink Handwriting, allowing the user to write out problems by hand and have them recognized by Microsoft Math.

I think it is well worth checking out.

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