Save on cost of Text Books

graphWith school out for the summer holidays and exams over, now is a good time to get your text books for the coming school year sorted. With bills of up to €500 in some cases it makes sense to make savings where you can.

While 76% of primary schools operate book rental schemes, the number of secondary schools doing so is much lower. Where a scheme is in operation there can be significant savings. If your school does not operate one you might try to persuade them to set one up.

Typical savings of 50% can be got by buying books second hand. But you might be lucky and do even better, possibly even coming across parents giving books away for free just to de-clutter the house.  If buying books second hand check that they are the same edition as will be used by your class in school. Compare the ISBN number (printed above the barcode) of the second hand book with that of a new one. Also check that there are no accompanying CDs or workbooks that might be missing from the second hand book.

Some second hand book shops will take a book-list from you and fill your order as they get books in over the summer. Generally they will text or email you when they have fulfilled your order.

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