My Mind goes blank when I sit Exams

From your perspective; you know that you already know your stuff. If your thought process goes off track either by fixating on a thought that goes round and round or going blank, then all you have to do is deliberately interrupt your thoughts, distract them with something else for a minute and then get back on track. You could do this by engaging in a little positive visualisation that you have practised beforehand or by choosing something in the exam hall such as a chair and concentrating on all the little details of it. Then go back to a different question or ask yourself a slightly different question to the one you were stuck on just to get the mind going again.
In the days and weeks before the exam use the visualisation techniques used by top athletes and other high performers. Take a minute out each day from now to the exam to visualise yourself getting to the exam centre, taking your seat, starting to read the paper, starting to write the answers, finishing the exam and walking out at the end of a job well done with a big happy smile on your face. This sets your brain up in the right frame of reference to do the exam. This really works so try it.

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