Free On-Line Courses

If you need help in a particular topic you can not beat one-to-one tuition with a subject matter expert who can tailor tuition to meet your exact requirements. But if your requirements are not urgent or too exacting there are many useful on-line resources available on nearly any topic under the sun. There are many paid for resources and many for free.

One particular source of free on-line courses, ALISON, describes itself as a UNESCO award-winning social enterprise based in Ireland. We are a multinational team who understand that today we have the know-how and opportunity to make almost all basic education and skills training available to anyone, anywhere, via the web for free.

Through a unique learning ecology which provides both free learning and certification, ALISON has developed a sustainable and highly scalable business model to make education free and accessible online. Their starting point is basic skills for the workplace, for which they provide an ever-increasing range of high quality interactive multimedia courses. Since launching in April 2007, they have developed relationships with some of the largest and most prestigious institutions involved in promoting education and learning. With one million registered learners spread across nearly 200 countries worldwide, ALISON enjoys a global reputation for delivering quality education and training online. In 2011, ALISON over 50,000 people worldwide graduated at Certificate and Diploma courses with ALISON.

So why not check out some of their free courses at ALISON.

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