Galway Maths Grinds now supports Leaving Cert Phyiscs

This picture shows the colors in the visible spectrum. Human's eyes can see light in this range but we are unable to see other light such as infra-red and UV without the aid of scientific equipment.

Galway Maths Grinds are delighted to announce the extension of their portfolio to include support for students doing ordinary or higher level Physics for the leaving cert. This means that we now provide a one-stop shop for the complimentary subjects of applied maths, maths and physics to honours leaving cert level.

If you you are good at maths and particularly if doing honours maths and physics already, then there is not a huge extra workload to do applied maths as most of the subject matter is covered in the other two subjects. It is more a case of becoming familiar with the format of the questions on the exam papers.

The situation in which some of our clients find themselves would not be unique. Their secondary schools offer physics and maths classes but not applied maths. These students are covering the applied maths course by doing an hour or two a week with Galway Maths Grinds. Most of our students should cover the applied maths honours course in one year. For such students with a mathematical aptitude looking to do science or engineering courses at third level, this can be a good tactic to improve chances of getting a high points score in their leaving cert. A practical non-pressured approach is to do the complete applied maths course in the first year of the two year leaving cert cycle and just have to do revision in the final year. It is one of the few subjects where you can effectively get a full subject worth of credits for a half subject’s worth of effort.

Call Noel on 085-1393768 for a free consultation if you think that you might be interested in this option.

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