CAO Change of Mind Deadline

If you want to change the courses you’ve applied for, on your  CAO application you must do it before next Sunday, July 1st at 5.15pm. The CAO won’t extend this deadline for anybody, so don’t miss it!

Many people do not list courses  when they first register with the Central Applications Office, or just fill in courses without much thought as a holding operation. If you did this you need to take a serious look at your choices this week. It could make the difference between getting into college or not, or between getting a course  you have an interest in and one you are not interested in. Even if you are happy with the choices you filled in, make sure to check the forms received from the CAO setting out your choices. It is your responsibility to check and correct any errors before the deadline. You will not get the chance afterwards.

Note that the choice of college courses is constantly changing. Check the CAO website for new courses or changes to old ones that may affect you. Do not assume everything is still the same as when you originally filled out the CAO form. This is why you are allowed to change your mind up to the end of June. Fill in a list of courses, not just one or two, in case you do not get your first or second choice.

Over a 1,000 students with over 500 points can be expected not to get an offer because of a poorly thought-out list of courses on their application form. This can happen mainly because they they did not select any choices with under 500 points and only so many students can be offered a place on any given course.

Check everything is as you want it now.

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