The Final Countdown

Just a week and a half before the Junior and Leaving Cert written exams start for most students. We are into the final countdown.  And just like every other year “exam weather” has arrived . The unseasonal cold snap has left and we can expect a heat wave for the next week at least.

Its tempting to lie out and relax or even to try studying stretched out in the garden or at the beach. Warning; not a good idea. Sunburn is painful and bad for your health. It certainly does nothing positive for your exam performance. Being kept awake at night because you got burnt during the day will not help you to be alert for study or exams.

Get fresh air, sunshine and exercise, but just a little at a time and use your factor 30 plus. Probably a good idea to take a rest from rough sports as well. A sprained wrist is one of the last things you want during the exams. Enough said on that topic.

By now you should have all your equipment; pens, pencils, protractors, set-squares, calculator etc and a convenient pencil case or other container to hold everything in. It might be a good idea to put a piece of paper with your exam number in as well. You will need to write it on every answer book you hand up during the exams. If you are missing anything, get it this weekend, and avoid a panic latter on.

Finally, forget about staying up all night cramming. It does not work. It just leaves you tired for the next few days.

Good luck.


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