Irish Education System – Some key Indicators

Despite all our problems in this little country of ours we seem to be doing OK at certain things. Here are some figures highlighted by Enterprise Ireland in their newsletter.

ECOFIN Study 2009  

  • Ireland ranked 1st of 28 countries in terms of graduates per 1000 inhabitants
  • Ireland ranked 2nd of 27 countries in terms of graduates per academic staff
  • Ireland ranked 1st of 28 countries in terms of recruiter perception of quality of graduates
  • Ireland ranked 2nd of 28 countries in terms of academic peer review of quality of graduates

Attainment Rates – OECD figures (Education at a Glance 2011)

  • Ireland ranked fourth in OECD in terms of tertiary attainment rate of 25-34 year olds (48%)

World Economic Forum 2011

  • Ireland ranked 29th out of 142 countries overall
  • Ireland ranked 10th out of 142 for Health and Primary Education
  • Ireland ranked 22nd out of 142 for strength of Higher Education and Training
  • World Competitiveness Yearbook (2011) IMD – Ireland ranked 24th out of 59 overall
  • Ireland ranks 1st globally for availability of skilled labour and openness to new ideas (up from 4th in 2010)
  • Ireland ranks 4th globally for labour productivity per person employed per hour (up from 6th in 2010)

Research Excellence and Impact 

  • Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators 2011:
    Ireland ranks within the top 20 nations in the world across all research fields.
  • Ireland moved up from 36th in the world in 2003 in terms of the impact of its research to its current position at 20th in the world.
  • In 2005, Irish research institutions featured within the top 1% in the world* in terms of research impact in 10 key areas – and the number of fields in which Irish research institutions feature within the world top 1%* has increased by 80% in the past 5 years to 18 fields.

World Rankings

  • Ireland has 5 universities in the top 300 overall rankings (QS)
  • TCD and UCD in top 100 universities for majority of HSS subjects (QS)
  • TCD in top 50 for 8 subjects and no. 15 in Maths (QS)
  • Ireland in sixth place globally for number of universities in top 200 relative to GDP
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