Saturday Sessions

We have being listening to our customers and they have told us a few things about their experiences getting classes. They have come across different options provided by different suppliers of different standards and value.

For students who are fairly competent at maths and just want a quick revision then the large classes provided by some schools may be of some value. However, large classes with a one size fits all approach can not cater to the specific needs of individual students. Several of our clients say that they end up doing classes on topics that they already know well, and do not always cover what they do need help with. Another common complaint is that these classes in trying to cover the whole syllabus in a compressed time frame result in classes moving too fast for them when they get to the topics that they do require help with.

There is no doubt that from a learning point of view, that one to one sessions tailored to the individual student’s requirements is the ideal scenario. With a competent tutor they can speed over the areas that the student already has a good knowledge of, and concentrate on those with which they require help, adjusting the pace and depth of the lessons to suit.

Irish parents traditionally place a high value on education because they realise the beneficial long term results for their children. However, the current reality is that many of our clients find themselves in a tightened financial position.

In response to our customers’ needs, Galway Maths Grinds is starting its “Saturday Sessions” from December 17th.  The aim is to strike a balance between keeping classes affordable for as many as possible,  keeping class sizes small enough to allow sufficient individual attention, and so that students only need book for topics that they need help with.

To achieve this we are publishing a programme of classes to be run on Saturdays for both pass and honours levels of the Junior  Cert and Leaving Cert. For each separate level one question from the relevant exam paper will be dealt with per class so students will know in advance what topic will be covered on a given date. Each class will cater to a maximum of four students at a time so that each can still get sufficient individual attention. Each one hour class will cost €25 per student and students need only book classes for the particular topics that they need help with. Note this pricing structure only applies to these special morning “Saturday Sessions”.  The first classes will be on December 17th and will start with question 1 on paper 1.

To book your place or to get further information call Noel on 085-1393768.

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