Video Call Galway Maths Grinds through Facebook and Vice Versa

I have recently being experimenting with various Internet communication applications that I think might be useful to a lot of people. My last post announced the placing of the link under the resouces section of the site to the utility for sending free world wide texts. Today I have put up a link on the same page that connects you to a Facebook video call application. This allows free video calls between Facebook friends. It is really simple to use and I can see great potential in it for people who want to keep in contact with one another. It also holds potential for distance learning, especially for subjects where you do not need to write out things to follow information been given. This might have some challenges in using it for more complex maths topics but where speech is the main way of tranferring knowledge, then it would seem a relatively simple to use it. For example, languages or subjects like history where you can tell a story. The possibilities are endless. I will experiment with it over the next few weeks. Why not “like” this on Facebook and connect with me to see what we might be able to do with it.

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