Some Important Dates after Leaving Cert

Just over a week to the first exam. Your attention should be mainly focused on this time frame and all distractions blocked out at this stage. Keep as calm as you can, eat and sleep properly and do not waste time and energy on all night study sessions because in general they do not work. You just gert tired and more anxious. Keep up the focus until the very last exam is over. You might not believe it now but it is very easy to get careless for the last exam or two.

After the exams are over, give yourself a little treat. You will not feel until the results come out. For the full story on results, rechecks, and CAO forms, visit and, but you’ll also find some of the most important dates and details listed below.

Changing your CAO application: If you want to change the courses you’ve applied for, you must do it before July 1st at 5.15pm. The CAO won’t extend this deadline for anybody, so don’t miss it!
Results: Your grades will be released on August 17th, and you can get them directly from your school first thing in the morning or online from the CAO website at 12pm on the same day.

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